Wednesday, April 26, 2006

April 26th Update

Green Up Day (Saturday, May 6th) is just around the corner and GRT is right in the middle of the madness. We have planned 13 clean up sites in and around the Old North End. That's plenty of area to come out and clean.

So, come on out next Saturday at 9-9:30am at Barnes Elementary School on North St. and join in to help out. When you register you'll get a fantastic Green Up shirt--yes, it's bright green, but with a lovely purple accenting color this year.

Don't forget to stay afterwards for the Green Up celebration. There will be a mini parade with Green Up Guy & Gal, Mayor Kiss, and a live performance from Burlington's own Sage Blonde


  • This past weekend (Saturday, April 22nd) GRT worked together withabout 15 students from UVM for their Community Works Day. We cleaned the small area on South Champlain St. from King St. to Maple St. This included a few tags on Advanced Music, Handy's Lunch, the old Alley Cats building and another residential area.
  • This coming Friday, GRT will be working with Blodgett Ovens on Lakeside Ave. A group from ReCycle North's Youthbuild program will be painting and cleaning tags along their bikepath and community pinic areas.
  • On another note... Within the past month, over 100 tags have been cleaned by GRT and it's community groups. I'd say that's some pretty good work

Hey Adopt-a-Block Members...
What have you been up to?
  • Don't forget to send in any sites that you have cleaned to keep me or 865-7548.

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