Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last week Adopt-a-Block gained a few new members. We had a nice chat here at our CCAN office and went home with new cleaning supplies, t-shirts and a new sense of pride in Burlington (Am I right??). A big THANKS to all of you who came!


Here's a little update about what GRT is doing in the next coming weeks...

May 31st-June 9th I'll be working with the Healthy Neighborhood/Healthy Kids group from Champlain Elementary School. We are going to do a little graffiti removal and trash pick up in the neighborhoods around the school--focusing on the VT Railways building on Briggs St.

June 1st I'll be up at Leddy Park cleaning with Kids on the Run, an all girls running group from Flynn Elementary School

June 13th Another Healthy Neighborhood/Healthy Kids group, this time from Barnes Elementary School, will be cleaning with me around the North St. area.

The Converse Home and Champlain Senior Center are starting two new cleaning groups of their own.
  • With a little help from a passionate AAB member who volunteers at Converse Home on lower Church Street, the "Converse Cleaner-Uppers" have taken off. So, if you see them out and about with the navy blue Graffiti Removal Team VOLUNTEER shirts on, stop and say hello.
  • The Champlain Senior Center is in the works of getting a regular group to go out and about to do trash pick up in their N. Winooski neighborhood.

I do have a bit of blog related news....

I have added the areas adopted by AAB members on the sidebar -------look-------->>
Take a moment and see if your streets are covered. Or, if you're an AAB member, look and see if I've covered the correct territory. If not, let me know and I'll give it a little fix.

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