Friday, June 16, 2006

Here are a few updates for the coming weeks. If you are interested in cleaning with me or if you have an area you feel needs some attention, let me know!

June 20th
  • I'm out with a crew from the Burlington Neighborhood Project cleaning up the Lakeside beach (it's off of the the bike path before you hit Oakledge)

  • I'll be out with a few Adopt-a-Blockers cleaning up graffiti on the Winooski Bridge--on the Burlington side of course.

July 13th

  • A group of kids from Colchester High School are making their way into Burlington to clean with GRT.

July 17th-20th

  • GRT will have a group of 20 high school age kids from UVM's Upward Bound program for the week. We should be able to get lots of graffiti cleaned this week!


Here's something a little interesting from Burlington City Arts:


Request for Proposal
Deadline for submissions: June 23, 2006, 5:00pm

Burlington City Arts is issuing a Request for Proposals from artists and craft persons for a public art project that will emphasize the balance between form and function by creating an artful bicycle parking rack. The proposed location for the artwork is within the right-of-way on the sidewalk in front of Radio Bean/Lovely Nails/The Other Place/Vermont Sandwich Co., at the corner of North Winooski Street and Pearl Street.

Project Website

For more information, contact Sara Katz at 802-865-5356 or


I have been out with numerous Adopt-a-Blockers cleaning up tougher areas that your kits probably can't control. If you have a troublesome spot that is on brick or cement or something you might need paint for, LET ME KNOW!! I'm always ready and willing to go out and clean.


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